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  • MAX Stapler HD-50R

     MAX Stapler HD-50R 

    - Use Max staples No.3 (24/6) or No.35 (26/6) 
    - Selectable permanent or temporary clinch. 
    - Available tacking. 
    -Ergonomic Style stapler with Stapler Remover. 


  • MAX Stapler HD-88R

     MAX Stapler HD-88R 
    - Use Max staples 2115 1/4 or 2115 1/4L 
    - Selectable permanent or temporary clinch. 
    - Available tacking. 
    -Ergonomic Style stapler with Stapler Remover. 

  • CBE Jet Stapler S10061B

  • KW-Trio Lever-Tech Effortless Stapler 5012

    • Ideal solution for the handles with minimal effort of even 60 Pages, stays binding reduce power to 60%
    • Non-slip base for even greater stability while handles
    • From the front for charging magazine with 100 paper clips
    • Rubber elements in the two arm to ensure a tight grip in working
    • Up to 60 sheets, Max. Paper depth of shelf = 72 mm
    • Dimension:18 x 5 x 14.2cm
    • Weight :685g
  • Kw-Trio Lever-Tech Effortless Stapler 5618

    • “Effortless staples” Finger-touch technology operates quietly and reduce efforts by up to 60%
    • 20 sheets capacity
    • Uses no. 35 staples
    • Full rubber base and tough steel construction
    • Push-button magazine for simple loading of staples
    • Full-strip
    • Ergonomic soft grip handle for easy desktop operation
  • Kw-Trio Pollex No.10 Stapler 5106

    • Pollex stapler
    • Half strip
    • Use staples no. 10
    • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
    • Capacity up to 10 sheets of 80 gsm paper
    • Built-in staple remover
    • Green / Black
    RM9.85 - RM94.15
  • KW-Trio Stapler Remover 508B

    • Place the metal prongs under staple, press from both sides to remove the staple.
    • For removing smaller staples, use just one prong from each side.
    • We guarantee for pricing as we are the importer for kw-trio
  • MAX Flat Clinch Electronic Stapler EH-20F

    • EH-20F 20-sheet capacity electronic stapler provides flat clinch stapling and features anti-jam mechanism.
    • Quiet motor-driven mechanism lets you quickly power through stacks of paper--up to 2,000 times without reloading.
    • Staples up to 25 sheets.
    • Flat-clinch stapling so stacks of papers lie flat.
    • Anti-jam mechanism provides trouble-free operation.
  • MAX HD-10FL Flat Clinch Stapler

     Handy Max Stapler with newest Flat Clinch Stapler that helps you save space!

  • MAX Stapler HD-10

    MAX Stapler HD-10 
    - Staples up to 15 sheets. 
    - Use Max staples No.10 
    - Ergonic Styling provides comfortable stapling. 


    RM5.20 - RM42.40
  • MAX Stapler HD-10D

    MAX Stapler HD-10D 
    - Use Max staples No.10 
    - 100 staples. 
    - Remover, Tacking, Edge Stapling. 


  • MAX Stapler HD-10FL

    MAX Stapler HD-10FL 

    - Staples up to 20 sheets with little effort. 
    - Use Max staples No.10 
    - Load up to 100pcs. 
    - Clean flat clinch stapling finish! 
    - Unique mechanism remover that holds staple tightly. 



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